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Mar 31

Glassjar wants to become the instant Leetchi

Ever thought paying the bill was the worst part of your night out with friends ? Glassjar founders too, and they want to make it less painful thanks to an application. They chose the hard path to do so, launching in the US, where the market of peer to peer payment is extremely competitive. In …

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Mar 19

Kiwis soon to launch in space

Kiwi company Rocket Lab wants to launch its first prototype in space by the end of 2015. They recently got two big funders on board, Lockheed Martin and Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP), to make their project real. Why this sudden interest for a kiwi start up from two big industry players ? As things move …

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Dec 09

Dunedin is Gigarich

700,000 dollars are attributed to Dunedin for developping ultra-fast broadband (UFB) internet, with the help of the telecom company Chorus. This closes a one-year long campaign of lobbying and promoting fibre internet towards New Zealanders. Finally, it’s a big town. On the 26th of November, Dunedin, the most populated city over 4 other finalists, won …

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Nov 30

MeMini, the camera that records what you would have normally missed

Tiny, wearable, but most of all able to travel back in time, the MeMini camera is shipped overseas since June 2014. Another start-up project from New Zealand that was crowdfunded thanks to Kickstarter. Everybody experienced this at least once in his life : facing a memorable moment, you wished you had a camera or smartphone …

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Sep 19

When is New Zealand fast internet future ?

Gigatown competition is making a lot of fuss right now on New Zealand social networks. This is how one city will win a cheap access to a Gigabyte-per-second (Gbit/s) internet access. But critics argue that high speed fibre optics is unlikely to happen in one place, and rather needs a national development plan. By the …

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Feb 01

Making a big deal out of nanofibers

  Henderson is a place for big companies like boat builders, the filming industry, orchards and food factories, just one little hour away from Auckland and at the bottom of the Waitakere Ranges. But there is also small businesses happening here. I mean very, very small ones. Indeed even smaller than each one of your hair. …

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Jan 13

Flexible sensors from Stretch Sense

Ben O’Brien, successful CEO of a young start-up in Auckland, and talented practitioner of Jiu Jitsu (he likes to underline it), has worked for a few years on an easy way to measure body motion. Think of it as an extra-muscle with its own embedded brain. The use of it ? Well, says Ben, there …

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