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Feb 26

3D printing for biomimetic surfers

Roy Stuart is a renowned board builder in New Zealand. His technics, essentially manual, remain time consuming. With the help of 3D printing, the craftsman produced a new fin design in only 2 months. New Zealand has several reasons to benefit from 3D printing : its remote location, the lack of certain industries and a …

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Feb 12

Wings and snapshots over New Zealand

Plane, helicopter and lately drone. There are many ways to discover “Aotearoa” from above. But more and more tourists also bring a flying device in their luggage, as sky regulations are still quite – but maybe not for long – merciful in New Zealand. National flight company Air New Zealand gets free promotion on a …

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Dec 15

World’s fastest burger in C1 Espresso

A fast food guarantees that your meal is cooked rapidly, but what about delivery ? Couldn’t it be faster as well ? C1 Espresso, in Christchurch, is trying it, by propelling burgers through pneumatic tubes. If you come to C1 Espresso just for a beer and don’t look up, you could totally miss it. The restaurant’s pneumatic …

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Dec 09

Dunedin is Gigarich

700,000 dollars are attributed to Dunedin for developping ultra-fast broadband (UFB) internet, with the help of the telecom company Chorus. This closes a one-year long campaign of lobbying and promoting fibre internet towards New Zealanders. Finally, it’s a big town. On the 26th of November, Dunedin, the most populated city over 4 other finalists, won …

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Aug 31

Home testing for cancer

In New Zealand, you can now order a bladder cancer test and use it without visiting a doctor first. The start-up behind this is working on home diagnostics for other type of cancers. Pacific Edge e-commerce platform is active since the end of July. You won’t find the product sold on eBay, since it’s a cancer …

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Aug 13

Are kiwis enough environment-friendly ?

New-Zealand pays much attention to its “clean and green” image abroad. However, the country isn’t always flawless regarding environment. How do New-Zealanders perform as a population ? At first sight, New-Zealand has what it takes to be called environment-friendly. Most of national electricity comes from lakes and rivers, and millions of dollars are spent each …

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Dec 21

Welcome and Kia Ora

For five years I have been a journalist in France covering news in science. Curious to see how it looks elsewhere on the planet, I have decided to travel one year to New Zealand, 18 550 kilometers away from the frog legs and snails in garlic butter’s capital city. I’d like to thank in this first …

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