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Apr 23

Be kind, snitch on a weed !

Diverting a mobile app dedicated to flora amateurs, Otago University scientists want to use smartphones against damaging plant species. How much will it help protect New Zealand unique ecosystem ? Tackling weeds and invasive animals is priority number one for conservationists of New Zealand. Whether they try to restore the native environment or keep a piece …

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Jan 31

StQry brings the world’s making-of to your phone

You usually use your phone to take pictures or record videos in exhibitions and art galleries. Born from a walk in a zoo, StQry turns mobile devices into the perfect (cultured) companion. How come a pellican scoop so much water in its beak ? Why does Mona Lisa smile on da Vinci’s painting ? We …

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Aug 22

24 hours to revive the moa (on computers, first)

The moa has disappeared centuries ago from New Zealand. But a campaign on Kickstarter aims to bring it back to life. GMO opponents can be reassured, no genetic engineering of DNA will be involved in this project, just computers. More precisely an augmented reality application. I already told you about this technology in Christchurch, which …

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Dec 24

Abracadabra, there are “frogz” behind your kiwi app !

Stupeflix is a French start- up created in 2009 upon a streamlined video creation software. Though they just released worldwide its declination for smartphones called Replay, the app is available in New Zealand since October for test. I had a chat with Guillaume Oulès, in charge of technical development at Stupeflix.   Why did you decide …

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