Nov 30

MeMini, the camera that records what you would have normally missed

Tiny, wearable, but most of all able to travel back in time, the MeMini camera is shipped overseas since June 2014. Another start-up project from New Zealand that was crowdfunded thanks to Kickstarter.

Everybody experienced this at least once in his life : facing a memorable moment, you wished you had a camera or smartphone recording. Well, MeMini delivers just that : when you hit the round bottom button, it saves what happened a few moments ago. A Go Pro with a memory, kind of.

The good news with this recall function is that you can adjust the time before you push the button, between five seconds and five minutes earlier. You do so using your smartphone or laptop, and an application designed for MeMini. Another great feature is that you don’t even have to touch the camera sometimes, as an inbuilt accelerometer will detects falls or rapid stops, and automatically start the recall function.

The project started as a spin-off from a kiwi company specialised in miniaturised video camera, called Teknique. MeMini creators used an existing product and modified its software to enable a recall function. Here’s how it works :


meMINI has two storage centres. One is a traditional internal memory, while the other is a smaller, looped memory. This smaller memory will constantly record looped footage, so that when you push the recall button, the last few moments are transferred to the internal memory, and if you so choose, the cloud.


memini prototype

 The modified prototype that allows recording backward in time      ©MeMini


MeMini creators have also added Bluetooth communication to the camera, so the recall can be synced between two devices to produce multi-angle video :

The Kickstarter factor

The start-up behind the product has received a good national support and visibility worldwide. Creators were for instance hosted for a while at Kiwi Landing Pad, San Francisco accelerator for New Zealand young companies. MeMini was also displayed at last Consumer Electronics Show, with abundant press coverage :

memini coverage

Nonetheless, the two company founders chose to “kickstart” their project.  They successfully raised 94,000 dollars on the crowdfunding platform, nearly two times the pledged amount. It took them just a little more than one week to complete their first goal. Kickstarter also helps them connect with MeMini end-users and share ideas, they say. And, of course, it’s a perfect channel to sell their product.

An evoluting product

This tiny camera with a “time-travel” function is certainly not unprecedented on the market. I have seen similar products, especially aiming at sportspersons, launched before. But MeMini might have the whole package to become a bestseller.

First, with its clever design, mountable on clothes thanks to built-in tiny magnets. And, second and most importantly, its Wi-Fi coupling with smartphones (no need to struggle with SD card or USB cord anymore), and the evoluting application that goes with it. You already have the possibility to monitor the recording process from your phone, or share your content online, with the MeMini community or YouTube.

The story doesn’t say how much footage you can save with the 2 Gigaoctets free online storage. But, my guess is enough moments before your memory starts fading.


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