Category: Smart city

Sep 24

Citizen science to survey water quality

There is no smart city, but smart citizens, says Roger Dennis, leader of the Sensing City initiative in Christchurch. That’s why the first experiment involved the inhabitants of the former capital to monitor quality of streams and rivers. I had the opportunity to contribute, and check whether the water test is suitable for everyone.  In …

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Jun 19

Christchurch’s smart doctor

He’s the “serendipity” architect behind the Sensing City project, that will allegedly transform Chirstchurch into an exemplar smart city. Roger Dennis is facing one challenging project in his career : instead of usually dealing with professionals that know exactly what they do and want, this time he has to get normal people, the inhabitants of …

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Jan 04

Christchurch 2.0 : building the Sensing City

After Christchurch was massively destroyed by two earthquakes in 2011, some people had the idea to build a different city, in a way that would make it at the same time more attractive than before. You can now see for instance a cardboard church replacing the old Gothic cathedral. The Sensing City is one of …

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