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Dec 15

World’s fastest burger in C1 Espresso

A fast food guarantees that your meal is cooked rapidly, but what about delivery ? Couldn’t it be faster as well ? C1 Espresso, in Christchurch, is trying it, by propelling burgers through pneumatic tubes. If you come to C1 Espresso just for a beer and don’t look up, you could totally miss it. The restaurant’s pneumatic …

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Dec 09

Dunedin is Gigarich

700,000 dollars are attributed to Dunedin for developping ultra-fast broadband (UFB) internet, with the help of the telecom company Chorus. This closes a one-year long campaign of lobbying and promoting fibre internet towards New Zealanders. Finally, it’s a big town. On the 26th of November, Dunedin, the most populated city over 4 other finalists, won …

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Aug 13

Are kiwis enough environment-friendly ?

New-Zealand pays much attention to its “clean and green” image abroad. However, the country isn’t always flawless regarding environment. How do New-Zealanders perform as a population ? At first sight, New-Zealand has what it takes to be called environment-friendly. Most of national electricity comes from lakes and rivers, and millions of dollars are spent each …

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Jun 19

Christchurch’s smart doctor

He’s the “serendipity” architect behind the Sensing City project, that will allegedly transform Chirstchurch into an exemplar smart city. Roger Dennis is facing one challenging project in his career : instead of usually dealing with professionals that know exactly what they do and want, this time he has to get normal people, the inhabitants of …

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Feb 24

A small pain for the good of sharks

After worrying about swimmers and surfers, let’s swap sides and care a bit about the terror of the sea : sharks ! They also deserve some goodwill, as millions of them disappear each year, either killed accidentally or on purpose by fishers for food or coast protection. If shark-repelling becomes a growing business, some other people fortunately work …

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Jan 04

Christchurch 2.0 : building the Sensing City

After Christchurch was massively destroyed by two earthquakes in 2011, some people had the idea to build a different city, in a way that would make it at the same time more attractive than before. You can now see for instance a cardboard church replacing the old Gothic cathedral. The Sensing City is one of …

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Dec 24

Abracadabra, there are “frogz” behind your kiwi app !

Stupeflix is a French start- up created in 2009 upon a streamlined video creation software. Though they just released worldwide its declination for smartphones called Replay, the app is available in New Zealand since October for test. I had a chat with Guillaume Oulès, in charge of technical development at Stupeflix.   Why did you decide …

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