Category: Frog news digest

Jun 02

Top of the drone

New Zealand wants to stay in the drone competition, via its filming industry. The C-prize challenge, opened until next 5th of July, will unlock key features for UAVs. Sightseeing New Zealand with your drone has been around for a few years now. But the tiny robotic flying objects are also good news for local business. Automated farming …

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Mar 19

Kiwis soon to launch in space

Kiwi company Rocket Lab wants to launch its first prototype in space by the end of 2015. They recently got two big funders on board, Lockheed Martin and Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP), to make their project real. Why this sudden interest for a kiwi start up from two big industry players ? As things move …

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Feb 12

Wings and snapshots over New Zealand

Plane, helicopter and lately drone. There are many ways to discover “Aotearoa” from above. But more and more tourists also bring a flying device in their luggage, as sky regulations are still quite – but maybe not for long – merciful in New Zealand. National flight company Air New Zealand gets free promotion on a …

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Jan 14

Looking back at 2014 : wearable technology and fast-Internet brawl

Last year, I had  a look at how science and innovation are made Down Under. In some ways, I saw similarities with another country I know, France. But, at the same time, I discovered a few technological issues very specific to New Zealand. I’ll try to do a small recap here. Wearable tech New Zealand …

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Sep 19

When is New Zealand fast internet future ?

Gigatown competition is making a lot of fuss right now on New Zealand social networks. This is how one city will win a cheap access to a Gigabyte-per-second (Gbit/s) internet access. But critics argue that high speed fibre optics is unlikely to happen in one place, and rather needs a national development plan. By the …

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Aug 22

24 hours to revive the moa (on computers, first)

The moa has disappeared centuries ago from New Zealand. But a campaign on Kickstarter aims to bring it back to life. GMO opponents can be reassured, no genetic engineering of DNA will be involved in this project, just computers. More precisely an augmented reality application. I already told you about this technology in Christchurch, which …

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May 21

Beloved kiwi rubbish

Scarce population and unique landscapes are two good reasons to take care of the environment. This makes also a perfect opportunity to settle a greener economy. Here’s a review of some exciting kiwi recycling projects… and also some about recycling kiwi ! Second life is money. Success of the Wellington-based website Trade Me, where you can …

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Jan 24

Wetsuits, tweets and other weird shark-repellents

Even if less recurrent than in Australia, New Zealand isn’t spared from shark attacks on swimmers and surfers. So attention is already gained when it comes to new repellents against the sea predator. Australia stays nevertheless at the tip of innovation in this field. Each fatal shark attack in New Zealand causes a great shock, …

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